Best Deck Design Types for Small Backyard Spaces

June 9, 2021

The Concrete Courtyard Patio 

A small backyard courtyard can look absolutely stunning. If you are considering hiring a professional landscaping company in Winnipeg, be sure to clearly communicate your thoughts, ideas, wishlist, and expectations so that the company you hire can develop a plan and deliver a successful project. A simple option when looking to achieve an elegant and enjoyable backyard space, is to build a simple concrete outdoor patio, surrounded by some sort of accent like a bench or some planters. Throw up a simple privacy screen and you have a simple yet amazing backyard space. 

The Kitchen Walk-out Deck 

If you have access to your outdoor space from your kitchen, you can discuss designing and building a walkout deck that extends from your kitchen. This particular design will extend your kitchen space nicely and give you extra space to enjoy a nice summer breakfast or fall dinner outdoors with your family. These decks are relatively simple and inexpensive to build and are great options. Paired with a pergola or a potentially raised water feature or even as simple as some accent planters can make this space even more welcoming. 

The Contemporary Deck

A small yard doesn’t mean you can’t create an amazing contemporary space. You can work with your landscaping contractor to design and create a contemporary deck that serves as an extension of your living space; paired with some outdoor furniture, a pergola, an outdoor rug

Jennifer Scott

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