Why a Design is an Essential Part of the Landscape Process

June 9, 2021

When it involves any home renovation, planning is essential. It’s essential to understand by-laws & building codes, have every measurement and know what goes where and the way it'll all fit together. Colours, materials, and finishes are figured out intimately so every sq in lives up to your expectations. you've got to understand the way to work together and collaborate with different trade experts and understand that it's a step-by-step process that ultimately takes an experienced contractor to make sure it happens smoothly.

The same goes for your backyard; once you are looking to make any outside space that goes beyond your basic rectangular pressure treated deck or patio, there are numerous elements and details to think about we frequently get inquiries requesting a quote for a really general description along the lines of “a deck, patio and waterproof pavilion with some landscaping” but the truth is that this is often impossible for us to quote properly without an in depth plan. 

Here's why.

Let’s say you’re trying to find a custom deck. Great! How tall is that deck? What is the square footage? Do you know the building by-laws in your area? Are there stairs? How many? How wide is each step? Are there railings? What kind? A privacy screen? What kind? What material would you wish to use? What colour? Is there an accent colour? Is the deck skirted to grade? Are you trying to find storage underneath? What about lighting?

Now let’s consider other elements you'll want to add: a pergola, pavilion, feature wall, outdoor kitchen, stone patio, planters, garden beds & plants. Each of those accompany their own set of inquiries to determine the dimensions , shape, height, width, length, and site of each single part. What materials are being used? What colour(s)? What are the finishing details? Where is each bit located within the backyard and the way do all of those relate to at least one another? Are we working with a gas service , sprinkler company, or electrician and organizing these additional components?

All of those questions are why it's so important for during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among the very first steps in a project to be a comprehensive design. A project should be a collaboration between the homeowner, designer, and contractor (which in our case, are an equivalent team!) the planning allows everyone to figure together and makes sure expectations are aligned.

It also ensures that the planning and therefore the budget line up and are complementary to at least one another. When creating a landscape design, we'd like to make sure that either the planning meets the budget, or the budget meets the planning because here's the thing - creating beautiful spaces using quality products and expert craftsmanship comes with a tag . It is so important that there's a robust understanding of this from all people involved. One of the perks of working with a 2-in-1 landscape designer AND contractor is that they will provide guidance about labour and material costs, and confirm your eyes aren't bigger than your wallet.

You’re making an investment, so why wouldn’t you prioritize a top quality design?

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer is a member of the LaFortune Home content team. She focuses her time on creating informative and engaging content in the area of exterior landscape design and outdoor home decor.